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Halloween soon... Customize your desktop!


Geschreven door Enigmatux op 29 oktober 2009 om 11h30
By Benjigarner

Halloween is coming, it's the opportunity for adults to haunt and to frighten children... MWAHAHAHA : 666:

Well, OK, for many people, it's also the occasion to make a party and to disguise in ugly monster, in sorcerer, ghost... Or to eat delicious candies...

Today I invite you to discover some selections that will help you to give a touch of Halloween in your desktop.

: ar: Recently has published some wallpapers about Halloween


By Vladstudio


For more, click here.

: ar: You can also try to create your own wallpapers for Halloween. Naldz Graphics suggests a nice selection of tutorial in order to help you to make Halloween wallpapers such as :

- How to Create a Severed Arm

By Simon Rudd

- Create a Quick Vampire Scene

By PSD Guides

- Create Zombie

By Mark Simms

Don't hesitate to show and share your Halloween wallpaper in the category Wallpaper Box on CrystalXP's forum.

: ar: If you want to customize your dock, you can find here many free icons. ;)

: ar: You can also go to the gallery of CrystalXP, where you can download icons about the theme of Halloween as :

- the pumpkins by Nelson

By Nelson

- the famous Morticia Adams of Santang

Morticia by Santang

- Halloween Icon Pack by benjigarner, etc.

There are many graphic ressources on the net which allow you to personnalize your desktop for Halloween. If you want you can post in this topic your selection for Halloween!

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29/10/2009 - 13:57
that's some nice Halloween stuff
29/10/2009 - 17:20
I love that cat on the tree. I was tempted to download it a few weeks ago.
06/11/2009 - 02:04
cool : D
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