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UxStyle : apply themes without patching your system

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7...

Geschreven door Enigmatux op 24 juni 2009 om 12h40 Bron Within Windows
UxStyle Core
There are many patches to unlock protection that Microsoft put on Windows in order to prevent us to import our favorites themes and customize our desktop. Moreover, recently Code Gazer published a new version of VistaGlazz following the launch of Vista SP2.

Today, I suggest you to discover a free tool which is still in beta version, developed by Rafael Rivera from Within Windows : UxStyle Core.

UxStyle Core

UxStyle Core consists of a service, and a kernel driver that allows you to custom Windows without patching and modifying files of your system. It enables and disables the custom theme support and the kernel driver handles the patching (For 64-bit platforms, the kernel driver is signed with a digital certificate, as required by Microsoft). So you can directly apply your favorite themes.

Compatible with any Windows system, like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Window 7, you have just to download and install it.

Light, UxStyle Core runs as a service in background, that we can see through task manager under the name Unsigned Themes, and it will allow you to use 3rd party themes.

UxStyle Core

For more information, I invite you to go here and there. And if you want to download it, you can follow this way.

Of course, you can encounter some bugs. Don't hesitate to inform the author of UxStyle Core. Note that a Premium version (not free but final price has not yet been announced) of UxStyle will appear too. It will include live/automatic updates, and additional code to correct the Windows Aero theme name issue in the Appearance Settings window on Windows Vista and 7.

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29/06/2009 - 14:21
how can i download this software?
29/06/2009 - 15:37
nhil a écrit :

how can i download this software?

What version and service pack of Windows do you have?
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