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Christmas is coming soon !

2009 calendar: download december

Written by Enigmatux on 16 December 2009 at 15h40

Christmas is coming soon ! : party:

We are many to make preparations of Christmas as Christmas tree, Christmas menu, gifts purchasing...

Well, even if for the moment CrystalXP isn't decorated for Yule : cry: , we can nevertheless customize our desktop for Christmas ! : yes:

So, I invite you to discover some wallpapers, icons and tutorials which can help you to add a touch of Christmas to your PC.

First, here is the wallpaper made by Benjigarner. December of 2009 Calendar is available for download !

By Benjigarner

A nice background to customize you desktops for Christmas Holiday ! If you want to download this wallpaper, you can go to the gallery of CrystalXP.

We continue with :


Wallpapers by Vladstudio :

: ar: Milky Way

By Vladstudio

: ar: Northern Lights

By Vladstudio

: ar: Where Snowflakes Are Born

By Vladstudio

: ar: A Christmas Song

By Vladstudio

: ar: Christmas Lights

By Vladstudio

: ar: Christmas Tree

By Vladstudio

: ar: Christmas Bag

By Vladstudio

: ar: Where Christmas Gifts Are Born

By Vladstudio

: ar: Christmas Train

By Vladstudio

: ar: Christmas Ice Skating

By Vladstudio


Wallpaper Merry X-mas by teufelchenonline

By teufelchenonline


Wallpaper Hoo Hoo Christmas by Frankief

By Frankief


Wallpaper Christmas Nebula by casperium

by casperium


Wallpaper Merry Christmas wallpaper by Pampered Puppy

Smashing Magazine

Wallpapers made for Smashing Magazine :

: ar: Hurry up, Rudolph by Maquita

By Maquita

: ar: Christmas couple by Egor Kosten

by Egor Kosten

: ar: Electricity by Giada Degli Agostini

By Giada Degli Agostin

: ar: Merry Skipmass by Ionut Zamfir

By Ionut Zamfir

: ar: etc. (click here if you want to discover all Smashing Magazine's wallpapers)

Adobe Tutorial

Wallpaper Desktop Wallpaper Calendar December 2009 by ART-D

by ART-D


Wallpaper February 2009 (calendar contest) by Balibou

By Balibou


Wallpaper Christmas Eve by Omohit

Christmas Eve by omohit


2009 Christmas icon by Kidaubis

By Kidaubis


Icons made by Archigraphs :

: ar: Christmas icons

Archigraphs Christmas

: ar: Xmas Dock Icons

Archigraphs Xmas

Smashing Magazine

Icons created for Smashing magazine :

: ar: Smashing Christmas Icon Set by SoftFacade

By Softfacade

: ar: Dellixmas Christmas Icon Set by Wendell Fernandes

DelliXmas Icon

: ar: Dock The Halls Icons Set by Paddy Donnelly

By Paddy donelly


Icons made by chethstudios

: ar: Christmas Social Icon Pack 1

by cheth

: ar: Christmas Social Icon Pack 2

by cheth


Christmas Gift by Benjigarner

Christmas Gift - Benjigarner


Winter Holiday Icons by Icondrawer

Christmas icons 2


Gifts by kyo-Tux aka Asher

Par kyo tux aka asher


Xmas 2009 Icon Set by Iconka

By iconka


Christmas Icon by kidcomic

By kidcomic

Anthony Piraino

The Polar Express by Anthony Piraino

By  Anthony Piraino


Icons made by Fasticon :

: ar: Santa Claus Icons

Santa Claus Icons

: ar: Santa Claus Hat Emoticons

Santa Claus hat Icons


Standard New Year Icons by aha-soft

By aha-soft

Adobe Tutorial

Tutorials suggested by Adobe Tutorials :

: ar: Merry Christmas Greeting Card


: ar: Design a simple illustration for Christmas


: ar: How to Create and decorate Christmas tree


: ar: How to Create a Christmas card


10 Steps.SG

Make a Sketchy Wallpaper for this Christmas by Johnson Koh

By Johnson Koh


How to create Christmas Wallpapers or Backgrounds by Eyesontutorials

By Jeka ! studio

Create a furry Christmas hat by N.Design Studio


Melissa Clifton

Make Your Own Candy Cane by Melissa Clifton

Melissa Clifton


Tutorials suggested by photoshopstar :

: ar: Create Your Own Christmas Balls


: ar: Greeting Card For Friends


Tutorial Wiz

Snow on Text


You can also download fonts with different styles, brushes and textures to create nice wallpapers, icons... You can visite this page about typography, this one about brushes or you can click here for textures and patterns.

P.S: If you want you can suggest a Tiny Tux or a Tux that you have recently created for Christmas at this address . You can also customize the banner of CrystalXP for Christmas. Perhaps, your creation will appear at Christmas on the Home Page ! We can dream ! : p

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