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A selection of themes for Windows Vista

I select, you select, he selects...

Written by Enigmatux on 05 March 2009 at 16h45
Whereas some are trying to make themes for Windows 7, like those by :

- Morpheusvista with Regional Theme France

By Morpheusvista

- alkhan with Aero Diamond

By alkhan

- AtheneRa with Vista Beta 1


I suggest you to discover a little selection of themes for Windows Vista that we can find among others on deviantArt, pending the final launch of Windows 7 :

- TransblackV2 par invaderjohn

TransblackV2 by invaderjohn

- NV3-Suite final by invaderjohn

NV3 Suite final by invaderjohn

- Purple Dream by sagorpirbd

Par sagorpirbd

- Newpage by MANNiEmedic

By MANNiEmedic

- M7 Remix III Final by sunBeam2000

By sunBeam2000

- Scuro by drumss

Scuro by drumss

-Remix Aero by Mheltin

Remix Aero by Mheltin

- ISOTAVS by nindijin

ISOTAVS by nindijin

- CleanGlass VS Vista by Eoin

By Eoin

- Auriel Vista Port by sweatyfish

Auriel Vista Port by sweatyfis

- TAB Glass by dimage

TAB Glass by dimage

- Black Vista Port by Satukoro

By Satukoro

- Blaq by darkredbbb

Blaq Vista Basic by darkredbbb

- ProjectX 2 by sweatyfish

ProjectX 2 by sweatyfish

For those who don't arrive to install a visual style on Vista, Microsoft found nothing better than putting protections in order to require us to use their themes only, I invite you to read this article about VistaGlazz, the free patch of Code Gazer.


This application, easy to use and automatic, allows you to unlocks Microsoft Vista's protection in order to import our favorites themes and customize our desktop.

Before installing a visual style, please, read the instructions of the author. : yes:

And if you want to make a selection of visual styles, skins, icons, wallpapers... don't hesitate to go to the category Graphic Selections & Desktops on the forum of CrystalXP in order to share it with the whole community. ;)

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