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It's time to go back to school ...

The start of the new school year is arriving !

Written by dlb on 27 August 2008 at 15h00
That's it, the end of the summer holidays ! I hope you have benefited from your holidays ! What about us ? We have tried ! Now, it's time to speak about novelties which will come on :

- We had announced it some months ago, our IPB forum is going to give up one's seat to a new forum (Mesdiscussions). This change will involve some improvements on the website, in particular for the registration and the account management. Moreover, the forum will be reorganized in order to answering to the evolution of the community.
- We are developing the future Bricopacks which will be compatible with Windows Vista. We can't give you a date of release, you have an idea that it takes a lot of time to develop that ! I'm going to write soon a complete piece of news about the novelties of these packs.
- CrystalXP is going to open a T-shirts shop. By email or on the forum, lots of people ask us about buying CrystalXP T-Shirts, now the project is taking shape.


Although we can sum up them in a few lines, these novelties need many months of work. Other novelties will come, for example a newsletter... Indeed, we have news on CrystalXP now ! You have probably noticed the arrival of Enigmatux this summer, this mysterious character which has succeeded in slipping behind the scenes of CrystalXP in order to write news.

So, thanks to Enigmatux because she has animated the news about graphics and customization during the summer.

Besides, here is the Top 10 of the news which were the most popular past two months :

1 - To discover : LeopardXP BricoPack
2 - The sidebar of Gavatx : Vista Rainbar V4
3 - Your desktop at 360° with 360desktop
4 - WinBubble 1.73 for Windows Vista
5 - Firefox 3.0 : the final version has arrived !
6 - PicLens, the web in 3D !
7 - WALL-E : The new 3D animated film of Pixar
8 - Windows XP SP3 automatic updates
9 - Opera 9.50 available for download
10 - Special effects with morphing

So, we have two questions :
- Who is Enigmatux ?
- Must we keep Enigmatux ?

Now, you can answer...

I wish you a good start of the new school year. See you soon !

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