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The Tux factory become HD

Harley Davidson Ready ?

Written by dlb on 08 January 2008 at 14h20
Tux G2 HD ready
No, for 2008 we don't offer you a new version of CrystalXP but a first improvement of the site.
You have probably notice that, at the moment, we hear about HD everywhere! Yes, it's finished catode ray tubes in small tv with rotten image ! It's finished the televisions with an enormous ass which recovering all your furniture !
Now it's 22", 24" even 30" screens which can display HD images on a screen as flat as a supermodel.

Since it's creation (at the end of 2004) the Tux Factory imposed a 256x256 pixels size for its little penguins. Starting from today, this limit doesn't exist anymore !!! Almost... You have the choice between submit a 256x256px Tux (like before) or submit a Tux in HD, that is to say a Tux which has a resolution higher than 256x256 pixels.

If a Tux is uploaded in HD, a little logo will indicate is quality :

Silver HD logo
the Tux has a resolution higher than 256x256px

Gold HD logo
the Tux has a resolution equal or higher than 512x512px

Full HD logo
the Tux has a resolution equal or higher than 1024x1024px

Some examples here, here and there !
So, don't hesitate to upload your Tux in HD

And it's not finished ! We have also update the license of the Tux Factory.
Specifically, what changes? Tux won't be under the Tux Factory specific license which had gaps and which wasn't in accordance with the licenses applied by Everaldo on Tux G1 and TinyTux.
We have take advantage of this change to apply a more complete license on the Tux G2 (created by Overlord59) and on which CrystalXP has the rights.

So, now, all the Tux G1 are under LGPL license in accordance with Everaldo's choice. So anybody can use these Tux G1 as it sees fit. In return, editing a Tux G1 implies its redistribution under this same license.
For the Tux G2, we have opted for a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. This license has the advantage of protecting the authors against excessive and commercial uses which could be done of their creation.

About TinyTux, he has a double license : LGPL et CC BY-NC-SA. Depending on the choice of the author, you must behave like with a Tux G1 (LGPL license) or like with a Tux G2 (Creative Common BY-NC-SA license)

For more information, report yourself at the page "Tux Factory : Terms of use".

Oh, I almost forget, now you can also upload HD Mascots in the Mascot Factory !

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