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Shell Packs Brico Pack Crystal XP dlb
Auteur : dlb
Categorie : Shell Packs
Licentie : Read-Me
Versie : RC1
Website : Klik hier
Andere site : Klik hier
Toegevoegd op : 21/12/05
Systeem(en) : Windows XP
Download 14.55 MB 4747333 keer
Beschrijving :
BricoPack Crystal XP is a free pack which makes it possible to modify the system files of Windows XP in order to give it a new appearance fun and variegated. This pack includes the icons Crystal SVG of Everaldo used in the graphic interface linux KDE. (with his authorisation)

This pack modifies :
- all the original icons of Windows (explorer, internet, control panel,...)
- its visual style (the style of your windows, start panel, buttons...)
- the logon screen (the one who shows « welcome » ;)
- all the animations (copy and paste - cut and paste - search...)
- the wallpaper
- the icons of explorer toolbar (previous - next - display properties...)

Warning : the use of a BricoPack installed without following our instructions can make your system down. Before installing this BricoPack, please read the instructions page "about the BricoPacks"

Do not use this old Bricopack with :
- Windows Vista (x86 and x64)
- Windows XP x64
- Windows XP SP2
- Windows XP SP3

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