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Shell Packs Leopard Transformation Pack 1 HYDRATTZ
Category : Shell Packs
License : Read-Me
Version : 1.0
Website : click here
Secondary site : click here
Submitted : 15/06/09
Update : 15/06/09
Works with : Windows Vista
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Description :
Thanks for downloading my package.It doesn't change your windows fully to mac but somewhat creates a resembling
atmosphere changing only the look of your Vista PC.Hope you enjoy it.
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Please Read This for a clean and healthy installation of these files.

1)I recommend you not to replace explorer.exe since it is harmful but still I have included it for people who want
to change their explorer.
2)Please make backup of the original files before copying these.
3)Create a restore point before installing these.
4)Do this in SAFE MODE(Not compulsory,but for a safer result).
5)This is a Vista-only package.This was made using Vista Home Premium but I think it should work on the other versions.
6)Dont try this if you have upgraded to SP1.
7)Please dont copy IE if you have installed IE 8.
8)Do these at your own risk,I am not responsible for any damages(Hope that it shouldn't happen if you have created a restore point).
9)Please notify me by mail if you want to modify anything of this package(Replacements only) as these are copyrighted to me.
10)You are free for any queries.

1)Apple for icons
2)ZEUSosx( for VS
3)Yahoo for widgets
4)Matias Moreno for Stack docklet
5)CodeGazer for VistaGLAZZ


1)Create a restore point(Type rstrui in the Run box and you'll come to know how to do it)
2)Have a look at the files I have included and follow the following steps:

a)Go to X:\Windows\System32\ (where X is your default drive) and locate imageres.dll,calc.exe,charmap.exe,
msconfig.exe,mspaint.exe,notepad.exe,rstrui.exe,taskmgr.exe and SnippingTool.exe and take copy permission
on these files.
b)Change the extensions of these files to .bak and then copy the files (except imageres.dll present in a
separate folder) mentioned above from the apps folderin system files folder.Then do this for imageres.dll.
c)Do the same for explorer.exe(may be harmful if replaced),notepad.exe,regedit.exe present in X:\Windows and
wmplayer.exe in X:\Program Files\Windows Media Player and sidebar.exe in X:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar.
d)Restart and enjoy.


1)For the Visual style by ZEUSosx,you will have to patch your system files.Install VistaGLAZZ (
and then copy the visual style folders to X:\Windows\Resources\Themes\.For the mac Button you will
have to do the same to browseui.dll as you did to the system files.(It is present in System32).
2)For the Leopard dock with Stack effect,download and install Rocketdock and then copy StackDocklet to
a folder-Docklets in the same folder where you installed RocketDock.You can download the Leopard background
3)For the calendar widget and MacDrive display download Yahoo widgets and install it.Then double click on the
widgets provided in the Yahoo folder in the pack and they will get installed.Launch Yahoo widgets and you will
come to know what to do now.
4)For much detailed windows borders and buttons you can try or buy Windowblinds 6 from are
many skins available on deviant art,wincustomize,skinbase and many other sites.
5)For the finderbar download a trial or purchase Objectbar form and there are many mac skins now
on many a sites.


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