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You'll find the most beautiful creations of our members and many software to customize your PC.
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Customization Software

Shell Packs
Explorer tools

Graphism & Graphics Utilities


Entertainments & Miscellaneous

3D Animations
PDF Files
Icons & PNG
This category contains lots of icons to customize Windows, Linux or Mac. Some packs are distributed in PNG format so that you can use them in a dock or for a website (if the license allows it).
This category contains wallpapers of all kinds, for all tastes and for all display resolutions !
Visual Styles
This category contains some Visual Styles which allow you to change the appearance of your Windows.
You can find some skins for your favourite applications in this category. Browsers, Messengers, Media Players, E-mail clients, Cursors, Docks, Toolbars...
No need to introduce the famous screensaver ! In this category, you'll find some nice ones which will make your desktop nicer than ever ... when you don't use it !
Smileys & Display Pictures
This category contains smileys and display pictures to customize your MSN, Blog or Forum. Some packs are downloadable as applications in order to add automatically some Emoticons to Windows Live Messenger.
Shell Packs
This category contains some "Shell Packs", known as "Bricopack". They allow you to change entirely and easily the appearance of Windows in just one click !
You will find lots of gadgets in this category. These will allow you to decorate and enhance your desktop : Dock, Widgets, Calendar, Weather...
Explorer tools
This category contains tools that will allow you to customize your Windows Explorer : file gesture, appearance, menu & taskbar.
To start doing graphics, you need a good application. Well, OK, you can still use Paint... But since it is really limited, you need something else, and this is exactly what you can find in this category : other applications with a lot more possibilities.
In this category you can find : Brushes for Photoshop and TheGimp, PSD files, Photoshop Plugins and Layer Styles.
This category contains Photographs which you can use for your personal need (wallpaper, home decoration...) but also Texture Fills which can be used in graphics applications.
3D Animations
Nothing is better than a 3D animation to relax ! You'll find the best movies selected by The Team in this category.
PDF Files
This is a special category. Indeed, you'll find PDF files in it (which can be opened in Acrobat reader or Foxit reader).
Those will contain any kind of document, but especially some tutorials.

Customization Resources

Square Ozz Icons & PNG
Author : Ozz
Category : Customization Resources - Icons & PNG
Downloaded : 22012 times

Description : 26 icons for colorful folders 49 icons for files 6 icons for disks and drives
Pack South Park Fagoon Smileys & Display Pictures
Author : Fagoon
Category : Customization Resources - Smileys & Display Pictures
Downloaded : 10035 times

Description : Pack of 5 PNG (Cartman, Kyle, Stan, 2 Kenny) and 2 wallpapers (Cartman "I will make you eat your parents" and Kenny...

Customization Software

Bubble Dock Nosibay Launchers
Author : Nosibay
Category : Customization Software - Launchers
Downloaded : 54188 times

Description : Bubble Dock is a free application that allows you to create an interactive and personalized universe on your desktop...
Mac OS X Lion Inspirat skin for Windows 7 dlb Shell Packs
Author : dlb
Category : Customization Software - Shell Packs
Downloaded : 116351 times

Description : Transform Windows 7 to Mac OS X Lion ! Free pack, work with CustoPack Tools.

Graphism & Graphics Utilities

Pixie Kadravor Software
Author : Kadravor
Category : Graphism & Graphics Utilities - Software
Downloaded : 8472 times

Description : That is a little freeware, who give you the color code of the object that you point with your mouse. Ps : Sorry for my...
Mixed Web Banners Set kh2838 Resources
Author : kh2838
Category : Graphism & Graphics Utilities - Resources
Downloaded : 9653 times

Description : Mixed collection of 10 Web Banners templates, that comes in 10 different standard sizes, each size comes with different...

Entertainments & Miscellaneous

Ball trap jsdu19 3D Animations
Author : jsdu19
Category : Entertainments & Miscellaneous - 3D Animations
Downloaded : 15571 times

Description : a small 3D animation (30sec) on the theme of ball trap, made ​​entirely by me, sounds and music basic come from...
Photoshop English French translation steretrix PDF Files
Author : steretrix
Category : Entertainments & Miscellaneous - PDF Files
Downloaded : 42130 times

Description : Photoshop CS3 English French translation

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